Reading Wednesday Pool League Results-Reading Wednesday Pool League


Week 14 - 11th March
Division 1
 The Real Albion47 Tilehurst Club
 Salisbury Galacticos74 Hambleden
 Spread Doe & Co29 Palmer Stars
 Palmer Tavern A65 Baron O'Cos
 Palmer Patriots29 Starfish
Division 2
 Purley SSC B56 Milestone A
 Kennet Valley65 Purley SSC A
 Hare & Hounds101 Whitley SC&C
 Sun Inn101 Salisbury Bottlers
 Bell & Bottle74 Salisbury Sheps
Division 3
 Tylers Rest110 Sportsman
 Calcot Club56 The Foresters
 Bull & Chequers B47 Bull & Chequers A
 White Eagle65 Pamler Tavern B
Division 4
 Milestone B83 Albion Eagles
 Purley SSC C47 Bull at Theale A
 The Roebuck47 Reading Deaf Club
 Bull at Theale B56 Uni of Reading (Turks)

Week 13 - 26th February
Division 1
 Spread Doe & Co38 Palmer Patriots
 Baron O'Cos47 Starfish
 Tilehurst Club110 Palmer Tavern A
 Hambleden92 The Real Albion
 Palmer Stars92 Salisbury Galacticos
Division 2
 Hare & Hounds29 Bell & Bottle
 Salisbury Bottlers56 Salisbury Sheps
 Milestone A101 Sun Inn
 Purley SSC A65 Purley SSC B
 Whitley SC&C56 Kennet Valley
Division 3
 Sportsman56 The Foresters
 Bull & Chequers A83 Tylers Rest
 Pamler Tavern B38 Calcot Club
 White Eagle38 Bull & Chequers B
Division 4
 Albion Eagles56 Bull at Theale A
 Reading Deaf Club56 Milestone B
 Uni of Reading (Turks)47 Purley SSC C
 Bull at Theale B74 The Roebuck

Week 12 - 19th February
Division 1
 The Real Albion56 Palmer Stars
 Salisbury Galacticos56 Spread Doe & Co
 Palmer Patriots47 Baron O'Cos
 Starfish92 Tilehurst Club
 Palmer Tavern A83 Hambleden
Division 2
 Purley SSC B74 Whitley SC&C
 Kennet Valley83 Hare & Hounds
 Bell & Bottle74 Salisbury Bottlers
 Salisbury Sheps47 Milestone A
 Sun Inn65 Purley SSC A
Division 3
 Calcot Club83 Sportsman
 Tylers Rest65 Bull & Chequers B
 The Foresters92 White Eagle
 Bull & Chequers A74 Pamler Tavern B
Division 4
 Purley SSC C74 Albion Eagles
 Milestone B74 The Roebuck
 Bull at Theale A74 Bull at Theale B
 Reading Deaf Club74 Uni of Reading (Turks)
Week 11 - 12th February
Division 1
 Palmer Patriots38 Tilehurst Club
 Baron O'Cos83 Hambleden
 Starfish56 Palmer Stars
 Palmer Tavern A92 Spread Doe & Co
 The Real Albion83 Salisbury Galacticos
Division 2
 Bell & Bottle29 Milestone A
 Salisbury Bottlers74 Purley SSC A
 Salisbury Sheps38 Whitley SC&C
 Sun Inn74 Hare & Hounds
 Purley SSC B56 Kennet Valley
Week 10 - 5th February
Division 1
 Hambleden92 Starfish
 Palmer Stars74 Palmer Tavern A
 Spread Doe & Co83 The Real Albion
 Salisbury Galacticos65 Palmer Patriots
 Tilehurst Club56 Baron O'Cos
Division 2
 Purley SSC A47 Salisbury Sheps
 Whitley SC&C92 Sun Inn
 Hare & Hounds56 Purley SSC B
 Kennet Valley29 Bell & Bottle
 Milestone A65 Salisbury Bottlers
Division 3
 Sportsman29 Bull & Chequers A
 Pamler Tavern B38 The Foresters
 White Eagle38 Tylers Rest
 Bull & Chequers B92 Calcot Club
Division 4
 Albion Eagles74 Reading Deaf Club
 Uni of Reading (Turks)38 Bull at Theale A
 Bull at Theale B92 Milestone B
 The Roebuck56 Purley SSC C

Week 9 - 22nd January
Division 1
 Hambleden56 Tilehurst Club
 Palmer Stars65 Baron O'Cos
 Spread Doe & Co29 Starfish
 Salisbury Galacticos47 Palmer Tavern A
 Palmer Patriots47 The Real Albion
Division 2
 Purley SSC A56 Milestone A
 Whitley SC&C65 Salisbury Bottlers
 Hare & Hounds29 Salisbury Sheps
 Kennet Valley56 Sun Inn
 Bell & Bottle65 Purley SSC B
Division 3
 Sportsman83 Pamler Tavern B
 Bull & Chequers A101 White Eagle
 The Foresters74 Bull & Chequers B
 Tylers Rest74 Calcot Club
Division 4
 Albion Eagles74 Uni of Reading (Turks)
 Reading Deaf Club110 Bull at Theale B
 Bull at Theale A110 The Roebuck
 Milestone B56 Purley SSC C

Week 8 - 15th January
Division 1
 Salisbury Galacticos47 Starfish
 The Real Albion38 Palmer Tavern A
 Palmer Stars92 Tilehurst Club
 Palmer Patriots65 Hambleden
 Spread Doe & Co65 Baron O'Cos
Division 2
 Kennet Valley65 Salisbury Sheps
 Purley SSC B74 Sun Inn
 Whitley SC&C65 Milestone A
 Bell & Bottle65 Purley SSC A
 Hare & Hounds65 Salisbury Bottlers
Division 3
 White Eagle47 Sportsman
 Bull & Chequers B65 Pamler Tavern B
 Calcot Club110 Bull & Chequers A
 Tylers Rest47 The Foresters
Division 4
 Bull at Theale B92 Albion Eagles
 The Roebuck56 Uni of Reading (Turks)
 Purley SSC C83 Reading Deaf Club
 Milestone B56 Bull at Theale A

Week 7 - 11th December
Division 1
 Baron O'Cos74 Salisbury Galacticos
 Starfish74 The Real Albion
 Palmer Tavern A56 Palmer Patriots
 Tilehurst Club110 Spread Doe & Co
 Hambleden47 Palmer Stars
Division 2
 Salisbury Bottlers65 Kennet Valley
 Salisbury Sheps74 Purley SSC B
 Sun Inn92 Bell & Bottle
 Milestone A65 Hare & Hounds
 Purley SSC A38 Whitley SC&C
Division 3
 Sportsman38 Bull & Chequers B
 White Eagle47 Calcot Club
 Pamler Tavern B38 Tylers Rest
 Bull & Chequers A65 The Foresters
Division 4
 Albion Eagles74 The Roebuck
 Bull at Theale B92 Purley SSC C
 Uni of Reading (Turks)56 Milestone B
 Reading Deaf Club47 Bull at Theale A

Week 6 - 4th December
Division 1
 Spread Doe & Co47 Hambleden
 Palmer Patriots56 Palmer Stars
 The Real Albion47 Baron O'Cos
 Palmer Tavern A47 Starfish
 Salisbury Galacticos47 Tilehurst Club
Division 2
 Hare & Hounds56 Purley SSC A
 Bell & Bottle83 Whitley SC&C
 Purley SSC B65 Salisbury Bottlers
 Sun Inn74 Salisbury Sheps
 Kennet Valley83 Milestone A

Marc French Cup
- Tylers Rest , Bull B , Bull & Chequers A and Calcot Club won their matches.

Week 5 - 27th November
Division 1
 Tilehurst Club74 The Real Albion
 Hambleden74 Salisbury Galacticos
 Palmer Stars110 Spread Doe & Co
 Baron O'Cos38 Palmer Tavern A
 Starfish83 Palmer Patriots
Division 2
 Milestone A65 Purley SSC B
 Purley SSC A38 Kennet Valley
 Whitley SC&C83 Hare & Hounds
 Salisbury Bottlers74 Sun Inn
 Salisbury Sheps47 Bell & Bottle
Division 3
 Sportsman65 Tylers Rest
 The Foresters56 Calcot Club
 Bull & Chequers A74 Bull & Chequers B
 Pamler Tavern B38 White Eagle
Division 4
 Albion Eagles74 Milestone B
 Bull at Theale A65 Purley SSC C
 Reading Deaf Club65 The Roebuck
 Uni of Reading (Turks)29 Bull at Theale B

Week 4 - 13th November
Division 1
 Palmer Patriots92 Spread Doe & Co
 Starfish83 Baron O'Cos
 Palmer Tavern A74 Tilehurst Club
 The Real Albion56 Hambleden
 Salisbury Galacticos65 Palmer Stars
Division 2
 Bell & Bottle56 Hare & Hounds
 Salisbury Sheps56 Salisbury Bottlers
 Sun Inn74 Milestone A
 Purley SSC B74 Purley SSC A
 Kennet Valley65 Whitley SC&C
Division 3
 The Foresters101 Sportsman
 Tylers Rest38 Bull & Chequers A
 Calcot Club65 Pamler Tavern B
 Bull & Chequers B47 White Eagle
Division 4
 Bull at Theale A74 Albion Eagles
 Milestone B65 Reading Deaf Club
 Purley SSC C110 Uni of Reading (Turks)
 The Roebuck47 Bull at Theale B

Week 3 - 6th November
Division 1
 Palmer Stars92 The Real Albion
 Spread Doe & Co47 Salisbury Galacticos
 Baron O'Cos83 Palmer Patriots
 Tilehurst Club47 Starfish
 Hambleden65 Palmer Tavern A
Division 2
 Whitley SC&C83 Purley SSC B
 Hare & Hounds56 Kennet Valley
 Salisbury Bottlers65 Bell & Bottle
 Milestone A101 Salisbury Sheps
 Purley SSC A56 Sun Inn
Marc French Cup prelim winners: Tyler Rest , The Roebuck , Both Bull @ Theale teams , Bull and Chequers A , Calcot Club , The Foresters and Albion Eagles

Week 2 - 30th October

Division 1
 Tilehurst Club83 Palmer Patriots
 Hambleden83 Baron O'Cos
 Palmer Stars65 Starfish
 Spread Doe & Co47 Palmer Tavern A
 Salisbury Galacticos47 The Real Albion
Division 2
 Milestone A74 Bell & Bottle
 Purley SSC A56 Salisbury Bottlers
 Whitley SC&C47 Salisbury Sheps
 Hare & Hounds47 Sun Inn
 Kennet Valley65 Purley SSC B
Division 3
 Sportsman56 Calcot Club
 Bull & Chequers B29 Tylers Rest
 White Eagle47 The Foresters
 Pamler Tavern B47 Bull & Chequers A
Division 4
 Albion Eagles65 Purley SSC C
 The Roebuck110 Milestone B
 Bull at Theale B65 Bull at Theale A
 Uni of Reading (Turks)74 Reading Deaf Club

Week 1

Division 1
 Starfish101 Hambleden
 Palmer Tavern A56 Palmer Stars
 The Real Albion74 Spread Doe & Co
 Palmer Patriots56 Salisbury Galacticos
 Baron O'Cos65 Tilehurst Club
Division 2
 Salisbury Sheps65 Purley SSC A
 Sun Inn92 Whitley SC&C
 Purley SSC B56 Hare & Hounds
 Bell & Bottle47 Kennet Valley
 Salisbury Bottlers38 Milestone A
Division 3
 Bull & Chequers A83 Sportsman
 The Foresters47 Pamler Tavern B
 Tylers Rest47 White Eagle
 Calcot Club47 Bull & Chequers B
Division 4
 Reading Deaf Club92 Albion Eagles
 Bull at Theale A83 Uni of Reading (Turks)
 Milestone B29 Bull at Theale B
 Purley SSC C74 The Roebuck